Where does your business sit on the growth scale? It is a baby, a toddler, or a teen? Has it matured into a sensible adult? Does it still align with your initial vision, or has it become something else completely? As we move into this new ERA now is the time to take a look at your business and bring it back into alignment.

When we hear the term business growth the first thing we usually think of is growth of the client base, turnover, profit, even social media follows. These are all valid areas for growth. Business growth can also be about updating, or altering your business branding, personality and values as your business grows and changes.

Personal Growth in Business

Personal growth is the process of examining our inner self, learning and developing, then putting those lessons in place to reach our full potential. I believe this is a continual process throughout life, and a big part of our reason for being on this earth. If personal growth is a continuing process, why not adopt the same concept when it comes to business? Looking at your business from this perspective you might realise it’s time for a change.

The ERA Concept

Sue Williams and I came up with the idea for a magazine about twelve months ago. After chatting about collaborating on a publishing venture and doing some research, we discovered a need for a print magazine specifically for women in business. ERA Magazine was born.

Our next step was to think about the values we wanted the magazine to align with. Using those values we spent a fun Saturday morning finding images, fonts, colours etc., creating a mood board to brand the business. The logo was designed and a general theme was set in place.

The ERA of Growth

Twelve months down the track ERA has grown from a toddler just getting its legs to a more mature, but still young, magazine. We are now shifting our branding slightly and adopting a more mature personality for the magazine. The changes you will notice are our colour scheme and the themes across social media. The first issue will be released in the coming months. Over the ensuing months and years we will keep a keen eye on the growth of our youngster as she matures. Changes will most likely be made, some large, and some not even noticeable on the surface, but nevertheless, just as important.

Changing Business Personality

Have you thought about the personal growth of your business? In writing this blog I wanted to remind you that no matter where you are in your business journey, as you and your business grow and develop, it does no harm to take a look at your brand personality and see if it still aligns with your original vision.

Is it time for you to change things up in your business? Whether that be a complete rebrand if you’ve been in business for a while and have altered your course, or some minor tweaks if you are in your early years. Businesses evolve and grow, just as we do.

The Launch of a New Era

We have decided on the design for the magazine, chosen our printer and have been blessed to be surrounded by wonderful contributors who are providing us with inspiring and educational articles. Our next step is to align with businesses, both large and small, who want to promote their products and services to our readers. Keep an eye out, we are running some very affordable advertising specials for our first issue.

The Era of Innovation

I recently watched a Tony Robbins seminar about business. He spoke intently about innovating business to keep it fresh and alive. At the same time business innovation also invigorates the business owners. ERA will be a magazine for innovation and growth. As we excitedly grow into our roles as publishers of ERA Magazine, the magazine itself will grow and evolve. We look forward to bringing you new ideas, inspiration and education so you can steer your business in the direction you want it to go, no matter how many times it alters course.