What is the cycle of the publication print?


If accepted to publish with ERA, can I become a regular contributor?

If you wish to become a regular contributor let’s look at what benefits that would bring to you and to ERA?

What are the guidelines for the advertising? Is it full of advertising? and what kind?

We anticipate ERA to be a 120-page magazine with 20–30% advertising space allocated. Ads will be full- or half-page only, lending itself to a professional, streamlined look without being chock full of small ads because that looks pitchy and messy.

 All advertising and advertisers will be in alignment with the ethics of ERA Magazine.

What are the ethics around the production of ERA Magazine?

ERA Magazine is produced in Melbourne and printed using sustainable inks, on 100% recycled paper, by a family-owned local Melbourne print company who are conscious of waste and the environmental impact of manufacturing. Our website is hosted on Australian servers based in Sydney. Both Sonya and Sue are based in Melbourne and are passionate about ensuring the magazine stays in Australia; Australian made, owned, printed and distributed.

Is ERA just another magazine chasing the advertising dollar without giving too much consideration to content?

ERA is a magazine aiming to assist and educate women in all aspects of their business. It will certainly address the mindset and wellbeing of women, although this will not be the entire focus or content of the magazine. Awareness of business on the environment will be important to us as well as the importance of looking after yourself as a woman in business in all aspects, mind, body, soul and spirit. 

ERA Magazine is partially funded by advertising, but is certainly not an advertising driven publication. The majority of our funding comes from online subscriptions and in-store sales. 

What is the GIVE BACK to the Global Community from ERA magazine other than sharing more information? Is there a Charity alliance?

At this stage ERA Magazine has not aligned itself with one specific charity. As the magazine is still in its infancy we are currently looking at a number of different charities and organisations to align ERA with.  We will advise as soon as possible the outcome of our decision.

What is the diversity representation by ERA? Are there Indigenous voices? Are there Non- Binary voices? Are there Grandmother voices? Are there young adult voices? Or is this a white middle-class business demographic?

The title of the magazine suggests that it is a binary publication directed to women in business as a really important reference tool. That is not to say that we would not accept articles from non-binary voices as contributors, as we aim to  feature a mix of authors, artists and women who do and have made a difference in the community.

 The diversity that will represent ERA will be all-inclusive. That includes the wisdom and knowledge from indigenous and grandmother voices, as well as new perspectives from the young adults and women who have made a difference within their community.

Women who are inspiring with knowledge to share to make a difference.

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